Rituals: Schoolboy Wednesday

Posted: May 2004
Title: Rituals: Schoolboy Wednesday
Author/Email: sandyg
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Genre: RPS
Characters: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Major role-playing scenario, consensual SandM but no angst. These guys are having fun. Depending on your POV you'll find this story either offensive, silly or sexy.
Disclaimer: One never knows, eh? Hmm...
Author's Notes: For Claire, the official Spanky Hassler and for Lydia who liked the idea. Toying with making this into a series of stand-alone chapters.
Summary: It's Wednesday. The proper ritual scene must be observed.


I straightened my thin maroon tie against my firm chest.

Next I glanced at my shiny black patent leather tie shoes. Spotless. The laces, always round, never the flat style, formed perfect bows. Socks: clean, black and rolled with a precise cuff down to my anklebone. Shorts: navy blue and impeccably starched. The center crease: knife perfect. Under the shorts lurked brand new white cotton briefs. Their tight fit gripped my lust-swollen cock like an iron fist. Shirt: non-existent per Viggo's request. Hey, this was his ritual fantasy so no shirt. Blazer: pristine navy blue, the left breast sporting a silver school crest pilfered from some hi-toned place in Hampshire. I purchased the garment at a boot or, as Viggo called them, rummage sale. To my satisfaction the boy's blazer fit my mature shoulders nicely; OK, fine, my shoulders weren't exactly broad, eh? Ha. My wrists stuck out a bit beyond the sleeves but that minor detail didn't bother my hypercritical artist because he really loved the ornate school crest. That ornament made the scene for him.

I glanced at my lean legs and smiled. I hadn't shaved in two weeks. Definite black stubble graced my olive skin. Yes, stubble was going to make Daddy Viggo go wild on me. Shivering in anticipation I reached up and boldly mussed the colorful paisley kerchief snuggled in my breast pocket.

Perfect. Sartorial problems abounded. Such a bad, bad boy in stern need of guidance from his Daddy.

What else could I... I glanced around my small "costume closet" and laughed. Yea, shit, that cherry red beret would drive Viggo into convulsions. Extra punishment guaranteed. My fingers adjusted the soft felt against my long hair.

Mmm, yes, today I felt in need of special handling. Bloody filming! So few breaks, so little time to come home and be ravaged. I hadn't seen my Viggo in five weeks. I knew he knew I had arrived. When I entered an hour ago I rang the old ship's bell outside Viggo's sacred realm or, as normal people would call it, his studio. After enjoying a glass of pinot grigio from the bottle thoughtfully awaiting me in the ice bucket I retreated to my costume closet. Wednesday. Fuck, I loved Schoolboy Wednesday. Thou shalt be a schoolboy on Wednesday was spanked in stone somewhere; nothing else ever replaced the event. Yea, the scene was Viggo's favorite. Last year's second-raked fave, the Lashing Legolas scene, was slowly being phased out. Soon it might be time to retire the blonde wig and ears. Pity; I truly enjoyed the concept of the perfect Barbie-doll Elf turning into an insatiable slut begging for a hard spanking.

My clever planner now toyed with a Hidalgo scene. Very into cowboy culture and all that rough and tumble stuff. He already showed me the supple horsewhip he had purchased. It looked supremely wicked. My Viggo liked things a little more extreme than I did. He liked being hog tied and, well, rubbed against, teased and beaten. Yea, I had a feeling soon Viggo would be wearing a saddle on his strong back and I'd be yippe-yi-oh-ki-aying on top. Marvelous. Oooo, I'd be holding the reins and.... I shivered again. OK, Orlando, calm down. Viggo hated it when I became over excited and finished the scene too soon.

All right, before I came out of the costume closet.... someone save me from my own bad jokes... I wanted one more disastrous detail. My eyes trained on my dancing male harem slut drawer. Yes, I needed one last act of defiance against my already tingling flesh. Reaching in I felt around and freed a set of delicate silver nipple clamps from the tangled mess of chains and sparkling jewelry. Yes, ha, these beauties violated all the sacred Wednesday rules. I just asked for a brutal spanking. Left nipple... screw the bolt gently. Right nipple... same act. I attached a thin chain to each one and tugged a bit. Ugggh. Just enough to cause delicious tension but not damage. There was a true fine art to the wearing of these babies.

I critically stared at my reflection. Grand! So much open defiance scattered against the established Wednesday rules. Under the tight cotton my cock already began saluting my chin. Today would be priceless.

After further examination I shoved the pocket kerchief more to the left. There. I was done. I was flawed. I was an extremely naughty boy.

A snicker sputtered from my lips. Yea, would the photographers and fan girls love me now? I shrugged and grinned. Why not?

Our stately grandfather clock, rescued from an old school, rang 3:30. Time. Viggo always wanted me to be time. I should walk to Viggo's realm.

No. Minutes passed. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 40. 42.

12 minutes late. Wicked! I was awash in defiance! I couldn't stand waiting any longer. As I walked from my costume closet each step took me further into character. Orlando Bloom, actor, faded away. Orlando Bloom, the naughty, defiant schoolboy, made his gradual appearance. Of course Orlando the actor loved experiencing the pleasure.

Hmm, Viggo's door remained shut. Fresh excitement raced through me. A shut door meant a strict Viggo. I know he had missed me so much; when we spoke on the phone last night his love almost overwhelmed me.

Deep breath. Let the ritual begin. I respectfully knocked and uttered my standard opening line. "Daddy? Your boy is home from school."

Viggo's husky voice answered. "Come in, my boy."

Interesting. Viggo didn't make me wait. Why not? Mmm, he already played with my mind. Twisting the brass knob I entered the messy studio. Viggo sat in his customary emerald green stuffed chair, the old deco relic looking like it belonged in a 1930's "Thin Man" film. My definitely in character handsome man silently glared at me over his thick-framed black glasses then he set his mahogany and ebony pipe into the ashtray. Pungent aroma filled the dim air. Only my mad Viggo would smoke pot using a "Leave It to Beaver" Ward Cleaver pipe.

A black bow tie snuggled against the collar of Viggo's long-sleeved gray linen shirt. His fine wool trousers were pristine black. His bare feet peeked out from the pant legs. Unfortunately the first time we tried this scene his bare feel made laugh. Since I ruined the scene so quickly Viggo refused to spank me until I begged with my lips.

He had brushed his shaggy sandy-blonde hair back from his proud forehead and lightly slicked the locks into place. Very telling detail. Now I knew his exact ritual level. Stern. Strict. Yea, his hair told me that my glaring omissions would not go unpunished. Brilliant.

Instead of adoring me his piercing gaze slashed across my face with cold precision. He finally spoke. "You're insultingly late, Orlando. Care to tell me why?"

Yum, story time. As I sullenly shuffled my shoes against the carpet I sighed. "Daddy, I tried so hard to be on time for you but five cruel bullies from school stopped me."


"I don't know why they picked on me but they dragged me into an abandoned building, forced me to my knees then they made me suck their big, wet, pulsing dicks. I felt so scared! They wouldn't stop sticking their huge cocks down my throat."

"So what did you do?"

Time for coy blinking. "Since I was trapped I swallowed their thick, hot cum. I swallowed and swallowed until my stomach hurt like I had eaten too much. I tried to run home but I felt so cum swollen." I rested a hand on my taut waist. "I could barely walk."

Viggo merely stared at me then he rose. His right hand flashed toward my face and clipped my right cheek. Ahh. Daddy knew just how to hit; hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to bruise. So considerate of him. "You are lying to me, son. I don't like being lied to. You know your Daddy hates a lying brat."

"No, Daddy, I'm not lying!"

"You are a lying, defiant boy. You're also a disgrace to look at. I mean..." One large hand whipped out and knocked the beret off my hair. "A red beret? How foul! I just won't tolerate such sloppy disregard for your appearance. And what is this? A crooked kerchief?" Viggo yanked the kerchief from my pocket and whipped the unfurled silk across my face ten crisp times. The material tangled in my thick eyelashes. Unghh, didn't like that feeling at all.

"Daddy, no, I am not lying! Look at my knees... they are bruised from kneeing." Actually they were bruised from me tripping and falling during filming two days ago but the slight purpling worked to my advantage. I wanted Viggo to see the stubble.

That wide intense stare sliced up and down against my skin before Viggo glared into my eyes. Another light slap hit my cheek. "Go over to the desk."

Already? No more story time? But... all right. I obediently walked over and stood facing the desk. Hands gripped my arms, whirled me around and brutally jackknifed me down against the desk. Fuck! Arrrghh... ouch, please, love, not good for the back, please...

Viggo suddenly realized his mistake. His hands quickly yanked me back up and, in a rule-breaking move, cuddled me close. I rested against him for a few heartbeats then I gently pulled free. Viggo's openly concerned stare told me he might opt out of the scene. No. It was cool. I was all right. "What's wrong, Daddy?"

Relief replaced the concern. Viggo's full lips quirked a bit then I saw him rapidly settle back into character. "You are what is wrong, son. And what are these outrageous things?" His fingers rapidly tugged the chain connecting the nipple clamps.

Little gasps puffed from my lips. Yes, please... "I'm sorry. I wanted to look pretty for you, Daddy."

"They're disgraceful." Taking advantage of the obvious chance to abuse me Viggo carefully screwed each clamp tighter. My gasps turned into yelps. He knew my limits; three extra turns and no further. Delicious burning pain lanced into my flesh. Suddenly Viggo unscrewed them and yanked them off. Ouch! He tossed them to the desk.

A stern finger pointed in my flushed face. "You're disgraceful."

"No I'm not, Daddy. I'm your boy."

Demanding fingers suddenly tangled in my thick hair and yanked me forward. Ahhh, ouch...I staggered along next to Viggo. I knew where we were going. Perfect.

He shoved me into the large black and green tiled bathroom. "Take off your shorts."

I pouted and shook my head. "No."

"Take them off now, Orlando!"

"No Daddy, I don't want to take them off."

Oh yes, I saw joy flare in Viggo's eyes. He shook his head and sighed like I had broken his heart. His long fingers undid the belt encircling his trim waist. "Then I'm going to have to punish you for being a willfully bad boy."

I was in trouble. I was getting the strap. Wonderful.

"Lean over and hold the sink."

Should I continue my defiance? No, enough. I meekly leaned over and assumed my traditional position. Yeowouch!! Shit, Viggo had doubled the belt. I clutched the sink and whimpered. "Stop, Daddy, no!"

"Cease being defiant to me, son!" Smack! Smack! Ohmigod that felt so amazing. My cock wanted to escape these tight briefs and come out to play.

Viggo determinedly whipped his belt across my ass 17 more times. Each stroke was a masterpiece of forceful beating. I loved how the sound echoed in the tiled room. Outstanding touch. My entire body squirmed in delight.

When Viggo used the belt he never went beyond 20 strokes. After plenty of practice we decided that number made me feel pleasure. Any more and it wasn't fun anymore.

As I savored the sting Viggo growled at me. "Now will you take off your shorts?"

I turned and pouted again. "All right, Daddy." Ooo, look at my Daddy. His whipping efforts had tumbled tendrils of his thick hair over his forehead. He looked completely edible. No fair. No man should be that handsome.

Orlando... calm down. I perched on the toilet and removed my shoes and socks. Standing I slid off my shorts and neatly draped them over the carved bathroom bench. My fingers touched my underwear's waistband

Viggo brandished the belt at my nose. OK. My fingers instantly halted in pulling off my briefs. His searching eyes really examined the tight white briefs. He'd find no fault with them; they were shining brand new. "Turn around."

Viggo's fingers tugged at the waistband then he performed the honors of slowly sliding them down my long legs. Ahh... when he pressed the tight waistband against my already stinging ass I twitched.

Fingers played across my naked ass cheeks. Ahh. Pinches. Fuck, that was cheating. Viggo always liked pinching my whipped flesh. I didn't like it. "Stop it, Daddy."

I received a firm, hard spank on my right ass cheek. Mmm, that felt better. "What did you say, brat?" One more smack echoed.

"Nothing, Daddy."

"Good. Now go stand in the tub and turn on only the hot water."

Now this was new. I stood there letting the hot water scald my feet. Fuck. Ouch. "Daddy, this hurts."

"Well if someone wasn't a defiant brat then he wouldn't have his feet scalded, eh?" Viggo glared over at me from where he whipped the shaving cream into foam in an old-fashioned ceramic barber's mug.

"Daddy, what are you doing to your boy?" That was our signal that I didn't like something new. The level of hot pain swirling against my feet and ankles was almost more than I could bear.

"All right, son, you can add cold water now."

Gasping in relief I released the cold water over my feet. All right, I wasn't sure about the new addition to the scene. Must think about that pain's interesting flavor.

Viggo rolled up his sleeves, took off his glasses and approached the tub. He wasn't getting undressed? This scene careened out of kilter!

I patiently waited for him to hand me the shaving cream and razor so I could shave. Viggo loved watching me shave. Instead Viggo sat on the tub's lip. He set the ceramic shaving mug and old fashioned metal razor down. His firm fingers slowly caressed warm water up and down my legs. Oh. Yes, that felt sweet. Mmm.

"You are a very messy boy. What ever am I going to do with you?"

"I don't know, Daddy. I try but I fail."

"Don't fret, my boy. This time Daddy's going to clean you up."

Viggo was going to shave me? Wow, a completely new act! My already semi-erect cock really liked that idea.

Ouch! Viggo's scolding fingers flicked at my stiffening cock. He didn't like my over-eager response. "What is going on down here, son?" He flicked hard again.

"Sorry, Daddy... I..." As I stared at the tiled wall I desperately thought of things that usually made me limp. Thinking of my cock being ripped off my body with hot tongs never failed me. I felt myself relax a little. Shit, that was so difficult. Viggo acted extremely demanding.

After Viggo decided I had calmed down enough he stroked cool lather across my knees and worked up. "Hold up your blazer."

I stood there looking like I was about to curtsey. The lather surged up to my crotch. Viggo applied the foam as deliberately as if he stroked paint over a canvas. Such an artist in all ways. When the foam brushed my cock I immediately though about hot tongs again.

Viggo ceremoniously displayed the razor. He delicately, slowly, maddeningly slid the metal down my thigh. I bit my lower lip in amazement. I had no idea why this turned me on so much but ohhh, shit, it did. Viggo finished my thigh's front then I turned around so he could shave the back of my thigh. Ooo... lather touched across my stinging cheeks. My ass really didn't need shaving but please, yes, do it. At this point my cock abandoned any restraint I imposed and stiffened in joy.

By the time Viggo finished shaving my other thigh my entire body quivered in control. Viggo rinsed my thighs then he stood. Off came the bow tie.

Finally! He never remained clothed this long. My stern Daddy undressed with elegant efficiency. He removed the black silk boxers I had given him; mmm, he looked so butch in them. There he was, my beautiful naked lover. Yea, someone else's sublime cock was also ready to rumble.

"You're almost perfect, little boy. Now I need to finish." Viggo stepped into the tub. He knelt in the water and once again massaged my shins. The sexy shaving ritual continued. Stroke, stroke, stroke. So fine. So arousing. The final stroke began. My fingers deliberately reached down and ruffled Viggo's lovely hair.

The razor ceased moving. I tousled his hair again. I knew I just broke a very strict rule.

The razor dropped into the water. Suddenly hands gripped my thighs and spun me around. I slipped and fell against the tiled wall. My blazer lifted from sheltering my ass.

Just as I hoped Viggo's hard palm hammered against my cheeks. 20 more rough blows. This time... my cock gathered, stiffened... finish line. I howled in glory.

Viggo's naked, lightly furred chest slid against my oh so smooth thighs. Yum. He leaned around, grasped my hips and clamped his lips around my spasming cock. As I felt his lips claim me I pounded my palms against the tiles and whimpered in pleasure.

My Daddy drained me off until I slowly calmed down. Kisses teased my relieved cock. My heartbeat still pounded in my ears. He rose from the water. After pressing me against the tile Viggo eagerly rubbed his hard cock against my aching ass.... ahhh.... I felt his hot cum roll across my burning skin. How utterly sexy. What a perfect ending.

Scene over; that was a blissful wrap.

Viggo released me and settled back down in the tub. He grinned up at me. "Not bad, eh? You timed your last defiance perfectly although..." Viggo rescued the razor from the water. He peered at my right leg and finished the neglected stroke. "There. All clean, little boy."

"Thank you, Daddy. That was truly a wonderful experience. You acted quite inventive for me."

"I always try and make my little boy happy. So, lover, are you in the mood for a bath together or something a little more strenuous?"

Instead of answering I exited the tub, removed my blazer and draped it over a towel hook. My tie followed. Hmm, what was I in the mood for now? I smiled down at my waiting man. "Well, my Viggo, how about something strenuous in the bathtub?"

A merry wink answered me. "Great minds think alike, eh?" Viggo turned and freed the water again.

I selected a sea salt and sage bath soak. After I handed it to Viggo he sprinkled it under the flowing spout. Mmm. I settled into the swirling water and released a cry of pleasurable pain. My ass stung so much!

Viggo leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. No other part of his body touched me and I kept my hands away from him. We nibbled and sucked at each other's lips. This exercise in control often lasted for long minutes but since I felt so satisfied I merely shut my eyes and kept kissing. Viggo's lips shifted; I heard the water stop splashing into the tub.

Now Viggo began nipping harder. Go ahead, nip away. My lover knew if he bloodied my lips he lost the game. He almost reached limit here. When his aggressive tongue entered my mouth again I quickly bit down. A muffled moan sounded from Viggo's throat. I wouldn't let go. A choked giggle welled in my throat. Let's see how long Viggo could stand this, eh?

A minute passed. Yea, he was good.

When Viggo's hands grabbed my shoulders and nearly ripped into my tendons I finally released my man's tongue. We both started laughing then we embraced. I luxuriated against his strong torso. "My, my, Daddy, where is your self-control?"

"Excuse me, you mad cunt, you bit my tongue."

"Well then that was pay back for you pinching my ass."

We laughed into each other's mouths. "Sorry, yes, I did cheat but you know seeing your divine ass red and beaten drives me wild."

"Oh, what was with the feet scalding? I don't remember discussing that strange addition!"

"You enjoyed the pain. I saw it in your eyes."

I smiled and pinched his nipple. "Sadistic bastard."

"Yep, that's me." Viggo's classic lazy smile washed over me. After releasing me from his embrace he suddenly exited from the water. "Hey, we need wine. That pinot grigio is pretty tasty, eh? I also bought a really fine champagne for your arrival. To further celebrate your return I created a huge seafood antipasta. It's chilling in the fridge so we can eat it whenever the fancy strikes us." Another wink teased me. "I should craft a bad joke about striking but I'm too flustered at your beauty to be clever."

My chuckles vibrated the water. "As well you should be, right? My youthful beauty just sucks all the poetry from your learned mind." Sighing in pleasure I leaned back against the cool porcelain. "But really, darling Daddy, you are too good to me."

"Of course I am, my sexy boy. You can prove how good you are to me in a few minutes, all right?" After blowing me a kiss Viggo padded from the bathroom.

Oh I certainly planned on doing just that to my Viggo. My finger reflectively tapped my chin; had I ever tied Viggo up into the tub before? Hmm... I smiled in delight. My turn to be inventive!



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