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Here Piggy Piggy

1, 2, 3, 4
Author: Bee, Myr
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean, Tolkien, Black Hawk Down, 28 Days, Bravo Two Zero, Xena
Genre: FCS
Characters: Will Turner, Eomer Eadig, Hoot Gibson, Eddie Boone, Andy McNab, Sarpadon
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Popular Will is celebrating his 18th birthday. All his mates are coming. Soon things get a little out of hand and it's time for the darling of the little town to make some choices of erotic character...



FCGen = Fictional Character General (No real pairing, sexual relationship)
FCHet = Fictional Character Heterosexual (Male/Female relationships between fictional characters)
FCS = Fictional Character Slash (Male/Male or Female/Female relationships between fictional characters)
RPGen = Real Person General (No real pairing, sexual relationsip)
RPHet = Real Person Heterosexual (Male/Female relationships between the actors who portray the characters)
RPS = Real Person Slash (Male/Male or Female/Female relationships between actors who portray the characters)