Magic Man

Chapter 39
Posted: February 17, 2012
As the light faded, I looked down and I was wearing a long white flowing gown made of a very soft lightweight material. The wind blew my hair into my face and I could not see. Then someone brushed it from my eyes. I didn’t want to look, afraid of whom it might be.

“Open your eyes meleth nin. Let me see your soul.” he said. It was Legolas.

I slowly opened my eyes to see his handsome face gazing upon me. He was wearing nothing but a pair of loose fitting white pants, no shirt or shoes. His hair was unbound and blew about his face in the wind. I reached out and tucked it behind his ear, lightly grazing the tip. He gasped slightly, and then smiled. I felt his strong hands clasp my waist as he pulled me to him. His body was so warm. His eyes were dark but not black like when he was angry. They were a very dark blue, like the deep ocean. And they sparkled with a light I don’t remember seeing before. They reminded me of the first stars you see in the sky as the sun is setting. They are always the brightest stars. He was masculine beauty, wild and free. He was glowing like an eternal flame and I was drawn to him. My heart beat so loudly I almost couldn’t hear what he said next.

“You are so beautiful in this form. You shine like no other.” he said and smiled, leaning in to kiss my forehead.

“What is happening Legolas? I feel… different.” He had me caught in his gaze again and I could not look away. He was like magic in its purest form, mystical, beautiful and bewitching. I could actually feel his love emanating from him as if he was a beacon and I was a lost ship. He was calling me to him and I found I could not resist.

“Our souls call out for each other. Can you feel the power of their longing?” he said, his voice being carried on the wind. It echoed through my head, making me dizzy with every word spoken.

“I could stay here like this with you forever.” I admitted before thinking about what I was saying.

Suddenly, our surroundings began to warp and change. We were now standing in a beautiful lush forest. I knew exactly where we were. This was Greenwood the Great. So many times I had seen it in my dreams. “This is your birthplace.” I whispered as I was finally able to take my eyes from Legolas, only because he allowed it. “It is even more enchanting than I could ever imagine.”

“You remember.” he said as a little laugh escaped his lips. “And do you know where this place is which we stand?”

I looked around for something familiar. Then I saw it. “Here!” I said excitedly. “This is the tree where you met Minaethiel. And up there.” I pointed to one of the lower branches. “That is where she sat, playing her lyre and singing, watching her admirer as he approached her.”

“What else do you remember?” he said, suddenly behind me, his body touching mine and sending a shiver up my spine.

“This was where you were to meet that fateful night.” I reached out and laid the palm of my hand on the trunk of the tree. It began to hum its haunting melody, which ran right through my body and into Legolas’. I could feel him tense slightly. My mind began to wander and I could see a vision of what happened that night. Legolas, I think, was seeing the same thing as his body made contact with mine. I closed my eyes and let the vision take over.

* * *

Legolas had arrived exactly when he said he would. He wore his most formal princely garb, silver tunic, green robe, and a circlet with a white jewel of some sort upon his forehead. His hair was combed smooth, no braids in front, but the sides were swept into a single loose braid around the back. He looked so young, for an elf at least. He was very fair but a pink tinge sat upon his high cheeks. A slight smile adorned his beautiful face. He was in anticipation of what the evening had in store for him. He was in love and about to bind himself to the most beautiful elleth he had ever laid eyes upon.

Though, no matter how happy and excited he seemed, my heart was breaking for I knew she would not show. And so time flashed forward a little. Legolas was now sitting on the forest floor at the base of the tree, knees bent to his chest, circlet lying on the ground next to him. His smile was replaced by a look of worry. She was late and he wondered what might be keeping her. The worry was because of recent outbreaks of violence at the borders, though nothing had ever happened this far into his forest home.

Time sped up once more and he was again standing, pacing back and forth. His booted feet were wearing a sandy spot on the ground under the tree. Sadness and worry were now replaced by anger. He began to think that she played with his emotions and never meant to show. I could feel his anger, I had felt it before. I watched as he stopped his pacing and stared at the tree. Quick as lightening, his hand came up and balled into a fist, punching the trunk of the tree. The sound of knuckles cracking resonated through me. I felt his pain as the rough bark tore at his skin. Then, after taking a moment to regroup himself, he whispered something to the tree. For the first time, I understood his language as it was very clear to me what he was saying. “Goheno nin. U-iston i garon.” [Forgive me. I do not know what I do.] I watched as a single tear ran down his face.

“Stop. Please stop this. I cannot take any more.” I yelled. I turned around to the real Legolas but he was no longer there. I was standing alone. I turned back to the ‘vision Legolas’ standing beneath the tree. That’s when I realized that I was no longer watching a vision play out in front of me. I was standing alone and the Legolas I was watching was real. I looked behind me again just to make sure. Yep, no one there.

“You came meleth.” he said as he wiped his face with the back of his hand in a child-like manner.

“I have been here all along.” I answered still confused as to what was happening. I checked my brain to see if I was still dreaming and in Minaethiel’s mind. Nope. It was all me yet very strange, almost out-of-body-ish.

Legolas switched into his native language and I understood every word perfectly. “I thought you had changed your mind. I thought you would not show.”

“I was… delayed.” I smiled. “But I am here now.” I looked him up and down. Though there was a little dirt on his robes and his eyes were slightly red, I ignored this. “You look so handsome. Is this what the Prince of Greenwood wears for such special occasions?”

His face instantly changed into something more playful. “If only for a little while.” He stood up straight and proud and strode over to me. He took my hands and raised my arms out to the side. “You are stunningly beautiful, my snowdrop.”

‘Like the flower’ I thought to myself. No wonder I remembered its name. That’s when I recalled that we met in the birth of the winter season, when these flowers bloomed. Was this why he called me by this name? I was about to question him when he brought my arms down. I noticed the scratches and blood on his hand. “Oh, you have hurt yourself. Maybe we should see Istuion.”

““Tis only a scratch. Besides, you are all I want to see tonight.” his smooth voice and melodic words were affecting me again. I felt a heat rise within my core. “Do you remember what I asked of you earlier this day?”

“You asked me to bind myself to you.” I said. “But then, something happened and I…”

Legolas wrapped his arms around my waist. “That matters not. You are here now and I will ask you again. Will you bind your soul to mine and spend eternity with me to share our love and our lives?”

My head was swimming again but not from a headache. It was his love for me that made me swoon. It was so pure. I thought I could just float away, like I was walking on air. “I feel as though I have already spent an eternity waiting for this moment to happen. Now that it is here, I find that words are not enough anymore. Legolas, you have my soul. You have my love. You have my life. You always have and always will. Yes my Prince, I will bind myself to you.”

His face lit up and those delicious dimples came out again. His eyes were deep blue and sparkling. Legolas leaned towards me, cupping my face in his hands and he kissed me with such passion and desire, I thought we were already bound. I could feel myself glowing with love for him. I had never felt a kiss like his before and I let him take charge. His tongue went in search of mine and I gave in quite willingly. I could feel his warm breath as he continued to kiss me along my neck, abandoning my swollen lips. Soon he found his way to my bare shoulders. His fingers traced along the neckline of my dress, stopping ever so briefly at my cleavage. I was on fire now, putty in his hands. I would do anything he asked of me at this point. I wanted him badly and I knew he wanted me too.

* * *

I threw all caution to the wind as Legolas led me through the lush forest. We smiled and laughed as we went. Every so often he would stop and kiss me. Each kiss made me delve deeper into this world where Legolas was the only thing that mattered any more. It seemed I’d forgotten my reason for being here, my home, my loved ones. I could barely remember my own name anymore. I only cared about Legolas and what it was we were about to take part in. I was about to marry this beautiful elf of my dreams and never look back at where I came from. Like I said before, Legolas always made me forget about reality, but being in his world made it seem tenfold.

We were finally very deep within the woods. The trees grew so close that sunlight or moonlight would never penetrate to the ground. There was a place straight ahead where ferns grew and he was taking me in that direction. Inside the ring of ferns was a basket with fruit, a bottle of wine and two glasses. ‘At least he remembered the glasses.’ I thought, but couldn’t remember the story that went along with it.

Legolas pulled me close and embraced me, laying delicate kisses along my neck, up to my ears. I moaned into the night air. “Oh Legolas, do you even know what your lips do to me?”

“I know meleth nin. I can feel your desire for me to continue on.” he said between kisses. Reluctantly, he stopped and undid the clasp that held his robe on. He took off the robe and spread it upon the ground inside the ferns.

I smiled devilishly. “Now I know why you wore that thing.”

“It comes in handy sometimes.” he said in a low wanton voice as he strode back to where I stood. Again, he captured my lips and took me deeper into this heavenly world of his.

I breathed in his scent, the smells of summer. I immediately thought of daisies which got me thinking about Niphredil, the snowdrop flower. “Why do you call me as such?” I asked, now not recognizing my own voice anymore. Since when do I speak completely in Sindarin?

“Do you not remember yet a’maelamin? Give it time and you will.” he said simply.

“Is it because we met in the wintertime?” I asked.

“You were sent to Mirkwood during such season.” He took my chin in his fingers and tilted my head up. “It is also when we met. You said it was our first encounter that changed your life and so you felt reborn in that moment.”

Something he said broke loose another piece of my memory. “Summer. This is what you were named after. So you must have been born in summertime, when the leaves are green and the scent of the air is fresh.”

He helped me to sit on the robe covered ground. Then he poured two glasses of wine, handing one to me. “Be careful my sweet. This is my Adar’s best stock. Very potent to one who has never tasted this wicked nectar.”

I watched him as he took as small sip from his glass. His eyes bore into my soul as he watched me sip from mine. I allowed a bit of playfulness as I seductively licked my lips. “Ah, it must have been a very fine year. This wine is most delicious, like my company. Come closer so that I may compare the two.”

Legolas leaned forward, for we were facing each other. I brought my hand up and snaked it around behind his head, letting his soft silky hair entangle between my fingers. I couldn’t wait to feel it brush across my body. I deepened the kiss as the single sip of wine instantly warmed my throat. I could feel it as it traveled lower in my body, heating everything as it went along. Soon, I could take no more and allowed my tongue to travel along Legolas’ ear until I reached the very tip. I felt him take a sharp breath as I did. I smiled at his reaction. “Well, I can see now that my company is much sweeter than the wine. But then, he is another fine creation of Thranduil’s realm. It is to be expected that he is amongst the finest things from this fair land.”

Legolas could no longer resist my charms and he took the glass from my hand, sitting it to the side along with his. He turned back to me, eyes as dark as a stormy sea, and pulled me to him. I allowed my arms to wind around his neck and his around my back. Our bodies pressed hard into each other. I could feel his chest heaving in and out as his breath became hurried. I knew he could feel my breasts against him for his kiss became very hungry indeed. His tongue searched for entrance to my mouth and I obliged. After he’d tasted all he wanted from me, his mouth left mine in search of sweeter treasure. He was kissing the tops of my breasts, which he could access easily with the very low neckline of my dress. I felt his hands search for the clasp at the back of the dress and undo it with the greatest of ease. His head came up and he looked at me as if he had overstepped his bounds.

“May I?” he asked, looking for permission to go any further.

“Yes.” I whispered desperately wanting him to continue on.

He smiled a crooked smile, dimples showing again, and slowly lowered the top of my dress until my naked chest was exposed to him. All the while, his eyes never left mine. It was as if he was playing a game to see how long he could resist the temptation to look. Or maybe he was enjoying the anticipation of seeing what he’d only dreamt of. His stare slowly lowered until he was looking fully at my breasts, then his eyes came back to mine. He didn’t say a word but the look on his face said he could wait no more. And he didn’t. He leaned to me once again but this time lowering me to the ground along with him. Once he laid me down, he let go and ravished my body, examining every part with his warm mouth. I could not stop the moans that escaped my lips. He was everything I had imagined and more. His caresses were slow but he played rough all the same. Somehow, the rest of my dress left my body though I remember not how or when this happened. He had distracted me somehow and when I once again felt his body on mine, he was in only his flesh too.

“I am forever yours.” he whispered as he stared deep into my eyes. “I will never let you go. I will no longer search for you. You are with me now. I love you Minaethiel.”

“I remember and I am forever yours, Legolas Thranduilion. You have caught me and I will never again leave your side. My soul belongs to you now and for eternity.” I said. But wait… this wasn’t my voice. And he called me Minaethiel. My dizziness came back again. A bright light was coming through the tree canopy. I felt as though I was separating from my body. The light was warm and comforting and I was not afraid, though I was sad to not feel Legolas’ body anymore. I tried to call to him but my voice was gone. My surroundings disappeared as the light’s brilliance overtook everything around me. The next thing I knew, I was alone in this bright place. I felt as though I had been asleep for ages and had just woken up. Confused, I stood there looking around at the nothingness. I was no longer in the white dress or naked lying beneath Legolas. I was back in my jeans and tee shirt, alone and confused.

“Hello child.” said a beautiful womanly voice.
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