Magic Man

Chapter 36
Posted: February 10, 2012
Legolas stepped through the portal back into the modern world. The crispness in the night air told him that it must be late summer, almost fall. He was dressed in his normal tunic and leggings, though this time his hair was braided and he wore one of his most prized possessions, a cloak of Lorien. He could move about the forest much easier as the material helped him to blend in better. He looked around at his surroundings and pulled the hood over his head. The moon cast shadows here and there, lighting up the forest. He made his way along the well known path that would lead him past the pond, past the tree house and to the edge of the forest. Then he would go to her home and confront her. He hoped she would speak with him. He had been quite angry and he knew it frightened her. This tore at his heart. He never meant to be so cruel.

As he went along, he heard voices. Quickly, Legolas climbed the nearest tree and stayed silent and unmoving, observing the distant figures approaching him.

* * *

“It’s just a little further Ethan.” I said leading him through the forest. “Dwain and Mac know where we’ll be.”

“But do you think it’s a good idea to hide out here? If these guys hunt in these woods, they’ll know the area just as well.” he said worried.

“Yeah, but we have one thing they don’t, protection. I know he will come. He always does, as if he senses when I’m in danger. Trust me Ethan. We’ll be safe. Here it is.” I said as we approached the tree house. I pulled down the rope ladder and started to climb up. “Wait here. I just got to get something.”

I came back down and handed Ethan a pistol. “What the hell is this? I thought you said no weapons.”

“No, I said fair fight. These guys will be armed. I may be brave but I’m not stupid. This is my back up plan. Now let’s go. I know where we can hide and they can’t sneak up behind us.” I led Ethan around to the other side of the pond. There was a rocky wall where we could stay unseen until I felt we could take these guys out. I remembered how Legolas stopped them one by one and I hoped to try something along the same lines. I explained to Ethan what we were going to do.

* * *

Legolas watched as the woman and a man he had never seen before, took cover by the rocky wall. He was unsure as to what they were up to but he sensed her fear and anxiety. Something was wrong. He looked at the man again and noticed them holding hands. Legolas knew he was not the reason for her fear. He watched as they looked longingly into each other’s eyes before they kissed. He remembered her talking about a man named Ethan, her first love and wondered if this was him.

Then, there was the familiar sound of a group of men. His elven hearing told him it was the same group he happened upon the second time he met the woman and helped her. Legolas now knew of the kinds of weapons they carried and he was ready for it. The men were closing in on the couples hiding spot. Legolas stayed put and watched them approach. He knew what he had to do. He would never let any harm come to her again.

* * *

Ethan and I split up and waited for the men to come into range. Just as I suspected, they split up on their own, making it easier to take them out one by one. The first guy walked past my hiding spot in the bushes. He was alone and out of earshot of the others. I knocked his legs out from under him and he fell to the ground. He was totally thrown off guard. Ethan jumped up from his spot and ran to me, punching this guy’s lights out. We stood there looking down at him.

“We make a pretty good team.” I said lightheartedly.

Ethan laughed. “Who knew country life could ever be so exciting.”

Another one was approaching so we took our positions again. We took him out and two more after him. We stood there a moment, basking in our glory then Ethan took off to his next hiding spot.

Just as I was about to go to my own spot, a soft familiar voice spoke from behind me. “If I did not know any better, I would have thought you have done this before.”

I jumped out of my skin and turned to find Legolas standing there. “Legolas. I knew you would show.” I said and ran to him, forgetting that the man I had just professed my love for was hiding somewhere close by and watching me dive into someone else’s arms.

Legolas hugged me but quickly released me and looked deep into my eyes. I was caught once again by his powerful gaze. Suddenly, images of our last night together flooded my mind along with the distrust and anger he had for me. I felt so helpless. “Legolas, I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you angry. That was not what I wanted. I just knew I could go no further until you knew the truth about my vision.”

Legolas took my hands and raised them to his lips. “It is I who must apologize. I should never have taken advantage of you like that. You were right, I was drawn to you because of your connection with Minaethiel. Then when you told me of what you saw in your dream, I did not want to believe it. I was still in denial then. I confronted my adar and learned the truth about her disappearance. You were right. Your vision spoke the truth. I should never have became angry with you. I was so confused that night. No one has ever made me feel the way you did, not since Minaethiel. I think a part of me does love you my lady. Yet, it is Minaethiel who holds my soul.”

“I understand Legolas. No one has ever made me feel the way you did that night either. But you have already found love and it is not with me. We have to find Minaethiel as soon as we get rid of Clyde and his men. I don’t know where we will find her but we’ll work that out later.” As I finished speaking, Legolas leaned down and kissed my cheek.

“I am glad you are willing to do this because I have something to tell you. I need you to…” he started but we were interrupted.

Just then, Ethan came up to us, standing just off to the side. I turned to him. “Ethan, this is Legolas.” I started but stopped when I noticed the look of disbelief on his face. Did Legolas look that strange to him? When I turned back to the elf, I saw the reason for his shocked expression. His hair was braided back and he stood in full elf’s clothing, pointed ears and all.

Finally, Ethan spoke. “I… I didn’t know that… Don’t get me wrong babe. I believed you, but to see him in the flesh… Legolas, is it? Nice to meet you.” Ethan babbled then extended his hand in a friendly gesture. Legolas smiled and took his hand, shaking it.

“And you must be Ethan. I have heard much about you.” Legolas said politely.

“Not all of it good I imagine.” Ethan said.

Legolas then turned back to me. “I see you learned something from me. Nice moves mellon nin, but it is not over. Three more men approach, one being their leader and they have weapons.”

“Yeah, well we have our weapon.” I said patting Legolas on the back.

He smiled down at me. “I have missed your humor my lady. Now, let us end this confrontation. Follow me.” Legolas took off and Ethan and I followed him.

Suddenly, we were being surrounded by the other men. Legolas was well ahead of me and Ethan was well behind me. I looked back to see the men approaching Ethan fast.

“Legolas.” Ethan shouted and the elf stopped. He looked back and saw what was happening. He ran back to where I stood. “Get her out of here Legolas. I’ll hold them back.”

Legolas merely nodded but I turned back. “Ethan no. You don’t know what these guys are capable of.” I released Legolas’ hand from my arm, which I didn’t even know was there, and ran to Ethan. “You need to come with us.”

Legolas turned me to face him. “Ethan cannot follow where I mean to lead you. The reason I am here is to ask you to come with me. You must return through the portal. It is the only way we can find Minaethiel.”

I shook my head. “No Legolas. I will not leave Ethan. These guys are dangerous.”

Ethan looked at me and smiled, then he looked over my shoulder to Legolas standing behind me. “Look, I don’t know why any of this makes sense, but you have to go with him. You were meant to accomplish something and Legolas needs you. I saw the look on your face when he showed up. You still love him. There is something between you two.” Then he touched the side of my face. “I love you too but I was too late. You need to go with Legolas now.”

“No Ethan, that’s not it at all. I…”

Ethan put his hand over my mouth. “It’s alright. Somehow, I understand everything now. You need to go with Legolas. Be with him. You need each other. You are both special. He is your magic man. I’ll be fine. NOW GO DAMNIT!” Ethan yelled.

The next part seemed like such a blur to me. Legolas took me by the hand and wrapped his slender fingers with mine, locking us together. I could hear Clyde and his men getting closer. Legolas pulled me along as I was unwilling to go on my own. We took off running deeper into the forest. Suddenly we were standing in front of a circle of cedar trees. Legolas slipped between the close growing trees and smiled to me.

“Come with me mellon nin.” he said and his voice sounded magical. “Come into my world and you will understand everything.”

Time slowed down and everything was in slow motion. I remember my heart beating rapidly to hear Legolas beckon me to go with him. He was calling to me with his heart and soul. For a split second, which seemed like forever in this slowed down pace, nothing else mattered but Legolas. He came back for me and my heart beat loudly for him and no one else. “Yes Legolas. I will follow you anywhere.” I said without thinking.

My words shocked me and threw me out of this dream state. Time sped back up and I was stepping into the circle of trees. As soon as I was fully through, there was a bright light surrounding us. Legolas put his hands around my waist. The real world began to disappear when suddenly I heard a yell and a gunshot. I turned from Legolas and looked back to where we just came from. Another shot rung through the forest and I feared that it was Ethan.

“ETHAN NO!” I shouted, but it was too late. The cedar trees disappeared as the light grew brighter. The next thing I knew, I was standing somewhere totally foreign to me. This did not last long. I had passed through the portal. I was in Legolas’ world now and he was standing beside me, hands still at my waist. It seemed like everything I had ever known no longer mattered. I was losing myself and giving in to this strange place and its comforting feeling. I had an overwhelming sensation that I was finally home, though I knew not where home was. Instantly, my former life did not seem real and this place was my sanctuary. I gave in and let this new perception take over my mind, body and soul.
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