Magic Man

Chapter 30
Posted: February 3, 2012
Legolas had returned home through the portal that day with the memory of their kiss fresh on his mind. He knew it was wrong to become involved. He tried very hard to be her friend and not let things go any further than that. Still, there was something very different about this young human woman. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it yet. He needed to know more about her and about her visions. It was almost as if she had some sort of connection.

He approached his father’s study. Thranduil would want a complete report of his findings. How was he going to tell him that he was no closer to finding this ‘key’ now than he was when he left? He took a deep breath and slowly entered the room.

“Ah, my son. I have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Let me look at you.” Thranduil said as he looked Legolas head to toe. “You seem to be in one piece. Much better than the way you came home the last time.”

“There were no problems this time Adar.” Legolas said in reply. He went to a chair and had a seat.

Thranduil joined him. “So, tell me what you have found.”

Legolas leaned forward and looked at the ground. “I have found no key if that is what you want to know. I have searched the forest but there is nothing there. It is very difficult to search for something when you don’t know what to look for. I know you told me I would know when I saw it.”

Thranduil looked disappointed. “You have found nothing? Not even the slightest hint of something?”

Legolas knew his father would not want to know this next part, but he could not lie and would hold nothing back. “Well, I wouldn’t say I have found nothing Adar. I befriended the girl, the one who helped me when I was injured. We have become friends and…”

“Legolas, I sent you to search for the one thing that can close off our world to theirs and you are gallivanting around with one of their kind? What has gotten into you? Did I not say to stay out of their business? You cannot interfere.” Thranduil stood from his chair and eyed his son. “She did not see the portal did she?”

“Of course not. I would not jeopardize our world. But you must know this. There is something more to her than you might think. I cannot help but feel she is to play a very important part in the finding of the key. Something is buried in her sub conscience. I think if I could spend a little more time with her, I might find out what she knows. She reacts differently when I am near her.”

“Oh, I am sure she does. I am surprised she has not told everyone she knows about you. How much does she know anyways?” Thranduil questioned.

“She knows of my heritage. It was an accident and I take full responsibility for it. I was careless. But Adar, please listen to me. Once she found out, she seemed relieved. I think she has always known there was something very different about me. When I told her the truth, she accepted me as her friend still. I am telling you Father, this woman is a link of some sort. I know if I could just see her again…”

“Enough.” Thranduil countered. “I will not have you wasting precious time with this… this human when there are more important things at stake.”

Just then Istuion came into the room. “I am sorry to interrupt my lord.” He turned to Legolas. “It is good to see you again my Prince. You are well I see.”

“Yes Istuion.” Legolas smiles warmly. “It is good to be home.”

“It seems my son here has found nothing of importance during his stay in the human world. I was hoping to put an end to these blasted portals.” Thranduil chimed in.

“I had hoped the same my lord.” Istuion said. “But surely, if the Lady Galadriel thinks there is something there then it must be so. Tell me Prince Legolas, where all did you search?”

“I looked everywhere but…” Legolas was interrupted by his father.

“It seems he has let other things consume his time in their world.” Thranduil said condescendingly.

Legolas turned to his father with a look of hurt and anger. “If you would just let me explain…”

“I have heard enough. Legolas, please meet with the other counselors now. They will want to know all you have to report.” Thranduil turned away from his son and faced Istuion.

“Yes Adar, right away.” Legolas then left the room.

Istuion spoke first. “My lord, you seem upset about something. If Legolas has not found…”

“Legolas has become involved more than he should have. Do you remember the human woman he told us about, the one who helped him?” Thranduil said.

Istuion nodded. “Yes, I remember quite well. The Prince was quite fond of her.”

“Yes” Thranduil went on. “Well, it seems he has befriended her and she now knows his heritage. He has broken one of our rules. If it were anyone else I would know what to do, but this is my son and the Prince to our people.”

“Can you not restrict him from entering the portal again? There are plenty of others that would willingly go in his place.” Istuion said trying to comfort the King.

“It is not that easy. He has found something within this woman. He feels she could lead him to the key. I am worried Istuion. First he started having visions of Minaethiel and now this woman. You know Legolas is very sensitive to such things.”

Istuion smiled. “All the more reason to let him go back. You said he is the most able of any of us in the finding of the key. If he senses something with this human then it must be important.”

“It is these sensations that caused all of this in the first place. He should never have met Minaethiel. She was never supposed to belong to anyone. Her path was chosen for her and she was meant to walk it alone. But Legolas sensed her importance and was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. It tore me up inside when I had to request her exile. I could not let it happen, Istuion. Legolas was my link to Middle Earth. Without him, I would have faded and Mirkwood would have been destroyed by evil.” Thranduil sat down in his chair and Istuion stood next to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“You did the only thing you could have done. Had Legolas bonded to her, he would have had to walk the path with her and that meant to sail before his time. Legolas too had an important part to play in the destruction of Sauron back then. The prophecy was written and had to be fulfilled or the future would have been very different and not in a good way.”

“Istuion, do you think there is some truth in Legolas’ findings with this woman? Do you think she has some connection to the key and where it is hidden?” Thranduil asked his long time friend.

“To this I have no answer my lord. Perhaps you should just let Legolas go back and continue on with his search.” Istuion answered.

“Yes, perhaps you are right.” Thranduil took a deep breath and smiled in defeat. Thranduil never showed this soft side to anyone but Istuion. When he was at his wits end, Istuion was there to counsel him, to be a shoulder to lean on. It was for this reason they became such good friends over the years.
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