Magic Man

Chapter 27
Posted: January 27, 2012
The time came for Legolas to go home for a while. I didn’t want him to go. I couldn’t help but feel a pulled towards him, as if my soul longed for him. I kept my mouth shut though. My dreams lately had become wild. The longer Legolas was here, the more real my visions became. He was always whispering to me to remember something. I mentioned it to him once but he didn’t seem fazed at all. I couldn’t help but feel he was hiding something from me. Eventually, I chose to pretend there were no visions. I wondered often if he dreamed like I did. Was I affecting him the way he was affecting me? He never talked about it, especially after our original conversation.

Legolas spent a lot of time at my house the past couple weeks. I think he was worried about me ever since I fainted in the woods. I liked having him around. He made himself at home. It was fun watching him get used to modern day things. Most of the time he just kept to himself, making sure there was always a fire in the fireplace, little things like that. He brought a little bit of himself into the mix. He always made me tea in the evenings before I went to bed. He brought some kind of herbs with him. Said they grew wild in the forest. They were good for soothing the troubled mind. I rather enjoyed having Legolas take care of me. It had been years since anyone did such nice things for me. Ethan never went out of his way unless it benefited him somehow.

I often caught myself comparing the two. Ethan was my first love, my first with a lot of things. I was so sure we were made for each other. Then Legolas came along and turned my world upside down. He was so very different. He was polite and caring. He would give me anything I needed and take nothing for himself.

My heart always raced when he was near. I stole many glances of him when he wasn’t looking. I wondered if he could feel my gaze sometimes. Once or twice, he caught me looking his way. I always smiled with embarrassment and looked away. One time, I took a second look and caught a faint smile upon his lips. He must have known about the crush I had for him. A crush, I thought to myself. Is that what these feelings were? No it was more than that. It was familiar. It was genuine. I was falling for him whether I wanted to or not. Still, Legolas never made his feelings known. As far as he was concerned, he was my friend and nothing more. It all seemed silly sometimes. I couldn’t fall for him. He was not even from this world and one day he might be gone for good, if he ever found this key he talked about.

* * *

It was a cold day in early December. The day started off dark and gloomy. It made sense though because today Legolas was heading back to his world. I felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. I did not want him to go.

“I will return in the spring, I promise. This key is still out there somewhere just waiting to be found. It will reveal itself when it is ready.” he said as he poured me some of his special tea. I think he felt my dread to see him leave.

“You make it sound like the key is alive, but you don’t know what it is, do you?” I asked as I took a sip of the tea.

“I have my suspicions.” he said and I noticed a slight smile. Then his eyes turned to me and caught me firmly. Did he know what he was doing to me?

“Well,” I said tearing myself away from his stare. “You’d think if you had an idea, you would be out there looking for it and not sitting here wasting your time with a country girl.”

Legolas reached across the table and grabbed my hand. I wasn’t expecting it and started to pull away but he held firm. I risked looking at him again and finding his eyes searching mine, as if he was angry and confused at the same time. “Not a single moment I have spent with you has been a waste. Every single one has been precious to me. You, my lady, are a treasure.”

It was the first time I felt anything in return from Legolas. His voice sounded slightly hurt by my comment. My heart fluttered to think he might feel something for me besides friendship. The moment did not last though. He quickly released my hand and went back to drinking his tea. It left me confused. What could possibly be going on in that head of his? I never could figure him out. He was strange to say the least, but I felt he understood me better than I did myself.

* * *

Legolas and I slowly strolled across the field and entered the forest. It was very cold today and there was no sun to warm me. He insisted that I stay at the house but I could not just let him leave alone. So I bundled up in my winter gear and headed out with him. He seemed amazed at my clothing. He’d never seen such plush thick material. I tried to explain the design of a winter jacket but my words were lost on him. He still wore his same get-up as he had when I first met him. He said the cold didn’t affect his kind. They were immune to these mild temperatures. I had to laugh because to me there was nothing mild about this weather at all.

Since Legolas had been here, I had been living in a dream. Nothing seemed real. Each day drifted easily into the next. I lost track of time a lot. Bills started to pile up. I had the money in the bank, it’s just… he made me forget about real life. I didn’t see any friends for the remainder of the summer. Mac and Dwain took care of the harvest. The corn brought in a good deal of money. The winter wheat was planted. Hopefully, next year would prove profitable too. Life just seemed to be on cruise control and all I cared about was being in the company of my magic man. Now, things were changing. He was leaving for the next few months. He wouldn’t be back until the late spring when the leaves came back. He said he should have been back by now. I hoped in my heart that he stayed extra long for me. Somehow, I doubted that. I think all we were ever meant to be was friends.

We made it as far as the tree house with the pond just beyond that. Legolas stopped and turned to face me. There was something sad in his eyes. “You should go back now. You cannot follow me to the portal. It is forbidden to let any human know of the secret doorway.”

“I understand. I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.” I said. He gave me one of his charming smiles and I felt myself melt. “So, who is waiting for you on the other side?”

“That would be my Adar, father in your language.”

“What is your father like?”

He took a deep breath as he got ready to answer me. “Well, many long years ago, he was a King. He was a rather stubborn and mighty ruler of his land. Those who knew him loved him. Those who did not feared him. I both love and fear him.” Here, he smiled to himself as if remembering a time long forgotten.

“When you come back, I hope you will tell me more about him and about your home.” I looked to the ground. “I’m going to miss you.” I whispered.

Legolas took my chin in his fingers and raised my head so my eyes met his. He held me there in his magical trance. I longed for him but did not expect anything in return. “I will see you in the spring.” he said looking deep into my eyes. And then it happened. My heart raced as he leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and held my breath. Was this really about to happen? And then I felt the lightest touch of his lips on mine. His kiss was gentle and light, like a butterfly landing on your hand. It felt like it lasted forever and I wished for so much more. I yearned for him to embrace me and pull me to him. Then we would become lost to each other’s hold. But this did not happen. Instead, he released me from his spell. He stood back straight but his eyes never left mine. I was still transfixed on him. “Use this time to find yourself. I am afraid I have been a distraction for you. Take care of your farm. I would not want to see anything happen to your land.”

My mind screamed out to beg him to stay. I needed to know more about him. I needed him with me, to feel his closeness. ‘Don’t go yet Legolas’ my brain throbbed into my ear. But the words never made it to my mouth. “Alright. Well, you better get going.” I said reluctantly, still feeling the tingle of his lips on mine. I would not say it was a kiss between lovers. It was friendlier. Still, I wanted it to mean so much more. I hated myself for not being more forward. But Legolas gave me no reason to be this way.

He started to walk away and that’s when I noticed that our hands were joined. I didn’t know when that happened. We didn’t let go until he was far enough away from me that we had no choice. I watched as our fingertips were the last thing making contact and then we separated. I stayed put as Legolas took off into a sprint, weaving between the close growing trees. Just before he disappeared completely from my view, he turned to me and waved slowly. He didn’t wait for my response and vanished from sight. I already missed him. I wanted to feel his kiss again. I wanted to have his hand back in mine. I was falling hard for Legolas and it scared me a bit. It seemed I met the man of my dreams but he was neither a man nor was he from this world. ‘Just a fairytale.’ I told myself but it didn’t ease my troubled mind.
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