Magic Man

Chapter 25
Posted: January 27, 2012
Over the course of my next couple visits, Legolas opened up to me more and told me about Minaethiel. She must have been very beautiful from the dreamy way he talked about her. I think it helped him somehow. He started to relax as his memories came forward instead of trying to hide his feelings and making it sound like nothing more than a story. I opened up more about Ethan and me. I realized that maybe I hadn’t loved him like I thought I did. Legolas helped me to realize that a lot of decisions we made were inspired by Ethan and I was along for the ride. I never knew how much sway he had over me. Still, he had been a very important part of my life.

We were both still rather confused about the whole song incident. It was strange indeed, to say the least. I think we both chose to sweep it under the rug instead of dealing with it. But the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me. I decided to confront Legolas about it.

It was close to the end of September. The leaves were beginning to change. I knew that soon, Legolas would leave to go back home. He still hadn’t found this ‘key’ he mentioned. I knew he wouldn’t stay in the forest once the trees were bare. Then, I wouldn’t see him until the late spring.

“Legolas,” I said as we walked along a path of dried grass through the forest. “Don’t you wonder about the song? I mean, it was something I thought I made up. Then you come along and say it belonged to someone before me. Don’t you find that kind of odd?”

He walked along silently as if to search for the right answer. “I have thought about it often. I do not understand how you could possibly have known about it.”

“Maybe I heard it in my dream where I also heard her name.”

“Perhaps.” was his short answer. Whatever he was thinking, he would not say.

I let it go at that and stayed quiet for a little ways. The other thing that bothered me was his leaving. “Legolas,” I asked again.

“Yes mellon.” he said in his own melodic language.

“Will you be leaving soon? I know you won’t stay after the leaves have fallen.”

“I’m afraid so. I hoped to have found the key by now. I hoped to have finally been able to bring it back home with me and never return to this world.”

His last comment saddened me. I liked having Legolas around and I thought he liked it here too. I guess it was selfish of me to think he wouldn’t miss his home and want everything to be resolved. Maybe this was the reason he never again asked me to reveal my name. It would be easier to part with each other.

We walked along a little further. Then I got a chill and wrapped my arm around his. He felt me shiver and looked down at me. “Are you cold?”

“A little.” I said, lying. Actually, I had been cold for some time now. We had been outside for quite a while and the sun was on its way down. The air was cooling off quickly.

Legolas stopped walking and took me into his arms, rubbing my back. “Forgive me. I forget how susceptible your kind is to cold temperatures. Elves are much more tolerable.” He continued to hold me and speak something in his native tongue. My body warmed instantly. I wasn’t sure if it was from his spell or being so close to him. Whatever it was, it felt blissful and I didn’t want it to end. I brought my arms around his waist and pulled him closer. He lowered his face to the top of my head. I felt his warm breath and held him tighter.

“This is nice.” I said as I listened to his heart beat. “Say something in your language, a poem perhaps.” I told him. He began speaking, every word seeming to be connected to the one before it. I closed my eyes and felt the rumble in his chest as his voice went on. I felt like my world was melting away. He was no longer an Elf, but a tree, like the one in my dream. I had heard the same low rumbling hum then as I did now. Legolas seemed to be connected with the earth somehow. He was in tune with everything around us and I could see, hear, feel and smell it all. It was like a sensory overload. The blend of all the sounds of the earth was like an orchestra when they are tuning their instruments. It sounds like chaotic nonsense. And then the conductor taps his wand and they all find that one note that allows them to connect and harmonize. Legolas’ heart beating was like the tapping wand. Suddenly all the different sounds surrounding me came together to form one perfect note. I was at peace and in tune with Legolas’ heartbeat.

I think Legolas sensed it too. He continued on in his language but now he was singing. His voice was beautiful and it drew me in. I dared to look up at him. His eyes were closed as he sang. He was hearing the harmony of the earth. When he was done, he looked down at me, eyes the color of the ocean. They had changed to a color I hadn’t seen before. Light blue was happiness and stormy grey was desolation. But this was altogether something different, something very familiar.

I was trapped once again by his gaze. He held me there as he lowered his head to mine. I watched as his lips parted. We came together in a simple kiss. His lips were soft and smooth. His hair brushed against my face and felt like satin. My heart beat so loud I thought it might explode. I felt that same warming sensation I had felt when we first met. My body was responding and it felt so good.

Legolas broke the kiss and pulled away. We gazed into one another’s eyes. I couldn’t help but feel I had seen this look before. I fought against his will to keep me frozen. Some kind of internal struggle was taking place within my soul. Something wanted to come forward and claim Legolas as mine. I couldn’t understand these feelings. They were like nothing I ever experienced before.

Legolas leaned into me. One hand cupped my face while the other brushed my hair behind my ear. I was paralyzed as his lips touched mine once again. He smelled like a summer breeze. The warmth of his body pressing against mine sent shivers to my very core. Whatever was hidden within me was trying to come to the surface. He seemed so familiar to me now. Our kiss of lips upon lips ended all too soon for my liking.

Once again I opened my eyes to gaze upon him. “I know you.” I whispered, desperate to remember.

He pulled away from me as if realizing what we just experienced was something he’d been searching for. “I felt this also.”

“What is happening to us Legolas? We are friends but now I find you… well… I… I…” My mind drew a blank.

“Hush. Do not speak but feel.” he said leaning into me once again. This time when we kissed it was more passionate. He let go of his reserve and I gave into my want for him. His tongue searched for entrance and I abided. Never in all my life had a kiss ever felt so right.

His hands left my waist and traveled up my sides to come to rest at the curve of my breasts. I recalled the strength of those hands when I had first met him. Back then he resisted my touch but now he was a willing participant.

His kiss became more demanding and his hands traveled back to my waist. He lifted me slightly off the ground so that only my toes touched. It was as if I was floating on air and he was my cloud. My body began to react as I felt something deep within me stir. I realized I wanted Legolas. I didn’t care that he was a godlike creature from another world. I needed to feel him, all of him. Visions of his naked body by the pond filled my head. I felt an invasion in my mind. I noticed his lips tighten as we kissed. Then he interrupted our make out session. “Did you like what you saw by the water’s edge?” he whispered with a sultry voice.

My eyes shot open and I pulled away from him. “How did you know I was just think…”

He laughed slightly. “It is another trait of my people. When we care for someone, we feel their thoughts.”

I thought about what he just said. “Are you saying you have feelings for me?”

“I might be saying such a thing, but first you must awaken from your dream.” His voice was suddenly very distant.

“What are you talking about Legolas? I am not dreaming. I am with you in the forest and you are kissing me and I think that I could lose myself in your arms if you…”

“Awaken my fair one. You have slept so long you no longer remember. I have searched for you for so long. My heart breaks to know you do not know me. Please remember me. Remember me my love. Remember…” His voice slowly faded away.
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