Magic Man

Chapter 12
Posted: December 16, 2011
The next day started off much the same. He was sleeping a lot. The pain was still strong but he refused pain medicine. He said there were herbs in the woods that had the same affect but didn’t make him feel so sleepy. I don’t think they have aspirin with codeine where he’s from.

“My people make a salve for treating such wounds.” he said as I helped him sit up on the couch. I took the opportunity to ask him more questions.

“Who are your people? Do they live in the forest too?”

“I do not think I should speak of them just yet. I do not think you would understand.” he replied. He seemed to be protecting something.

“Well… Let’s just take a look at our situation here. I am looking at a man who has not aged a day since I was ten and letting him live on my couch, but you don’t think I would understand? Try me.” I said sarcastically.

He smiled and laughed a little at my comment. “Alright.” he paused a moment as if searching for the right words. “I am not from this world.”

“Yeah, I kind of guessed that. So where are you from, Mars?” He gave me a confused look and I went on before he had a chance to ask. “Mars is a planet in our solar system.” That didn’t seem to clear anything up for him. “You know, the stars we see in the sky at night? Space… the final frontier.” Still nothing. “Never mind.”

“I did not come from the stars if that is what you mean. I traveled here through a portal.” he said seriously.

“O.K. I’m not following you.”

Again, I made him smile. I was beginning to like the affect I was having on him. “My world exists alongside yours but in a different dimension. We are able to visit your world by passing through these portals.”

“Portals? So there is more than one?” I said.

“They are spread all throughout your world.”

“And I just happen to have one on my land?” His only response was a nod. “Why do you visit our world?”

“We are looking for something that was lost ages ago. We do not want to keep the portals open, but unless we find this ‘key’ we have no choice.” He winced again as he finished speaking.

“What hurts, your side or your head?” I said to change the subject. Already, this information was too much to wrap my small brain around.

“Both.” he answered. “If I were home, I would be halfway healed by now.”

“The herbs?” I asked making a face and crinkling my nose. Another smile. Hey, I’m three for three.

“Yes that too. My people have the ability to heal much quicker than humans do. Unfortunately, it seems much lessoned being in this world.” He lay back down. I was beginning to worry for him. He seemed to be very much in pain. I did what I could to keep him comfortable. I couldn’t understand why I accepted everything he just told me. I should be packing my things and getting the hell out of here, calling the cops and having this crazy guy arrested. Portals, parallel universes? It was insane. Still, every time I felt my fear and confusion bubbling up inside me, I looked at him and was instantly calmed. I had the strange urge to protect him as he did for me. He was at home in the forest but a stranger here. Did he feel just as frightened as I did sometimes? If he did, he was good at hiding it.

“I’ll let you sleep now. You need your rest.” I said and got up from my chair. I watched as he closed his eyes and the corners of his mouth upturned slightly. He somehow looked relieved to have been able to tell me something about himself. Maybe he was glad I understood, though I felt I didn’t understand anything he just said.
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