Before Randomness

Part 1

Posted: August 2003
Title: Before Randomness
Author: Estella Greenleaf
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Genre: RPS
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Disclaimer: None of this is true. Everything is a figment of my sick imagination.
Warning: Completely AU
Characters: Guess (it's the prequel to Randomness), so yup, it's K/D

Author's Note: This is my very first POV work. It's completely colloquial and for fun. Please give feedback to let me know what people think or when things don't make sense. I'm not even sure what tense I should be using, so it's past tense mostly, except for the journal entries. Oh, and I have to acknowledge Cassie Claire's secret diaries –since the format of a bit of this story is ‘inspired' by it. (Weird: the quote of the day is from Bill Cosby…)


Dave's Dairy:
"Entry date: July 25th, 2005. I haven't updated my video journal for almost a month. Never quite managed to find the time. I suppose now that I'm stuck on a cruise-ship hundreds of thousands of leagues away from Hyrule with nothing to do, I should take the time to update my ‘personal secret diary'.

Okay, let's start by saying, I don't know what I'm doing here. Well, I know what I'm doing here; I just can't believe that I'm actually here. When people go on vacation, they go to some nice palm-lined beach or snow-covered mountain; but me, I'm heading for a penal colony/slave market on the edge of the universe under a pseudonym. I want to blame little Orli-bear entirely for this, but I know it's my fault for listening to him in the first place.

It all started two weeks ago, with the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was presiding over the daily meditation session at the Temple when this sudden agony gripped my heart. To say it broke my concentration was an understatement. But the worse was yet to come - another rush of pain, anger and this overwhelming sense of betrayal washed over me, robbing me of my senses. When I regained consciousness, I was lying in sickbay, being monitored by various medical instruments.

When Orli told me that I had let out an anguished scream and collapsed in front of practically everyone at the Temple, all I wanted to do was dig a hole and hide. But of course, I didn't. I am the High Priest of Hyrule Temple after all. I put on my calm, collected mask and immediately began ‘damage control'.

Raphael is planning an attack on Liberty, an independent space colony; and he knows that Orli and I have been opposing him secretly every step of the way. Any show of weakness on our part now can spell the doom of thousands of innocent people. That, I can't allow, no matter what happens. In other words, it's vital that the Prince Regent didn't find out about ‘my condition'.

Unfortunately, my collapsing that day was not an isolated incident. I started having horrible dreams, in which I was beaten and taunted, and of course, there were the blackouts and fainting spells. It was becoming increasingly difficult to hide the fact that there was something wrong with me, since I'm starting to look like a zombie with my sickly pallor and giant black circles under my eyes. The healers in the Temple tried everything, but they couldn't find the cause of my troubles.

Then a few days ago, Orli had this brilliant idea that my health crisis was actually a call for help from my other half. Of course, no one believed him; I'm way too old to find the one I'm destined to be with. Everyone, myself included, was certain I'm one of the ‘unlucky few' who missed their chance of meeting their other half. I was all set to spend the rest of my life alone, had been for the past six years.

Besides, it was unheard of that the bond between two halves can be THAT strong. We weren't just talking about a touching of the mind here; I knew from how drained I felt afterwards that I've been using magic during each of these episodes. It was scary to think that my magic would go out of control like that all because of some guy I didn't even know.

But one thing about little Orli-bear: once he's convinced, nothing can change his mind. He actually dug through all the military and police records in the past few weeks to try to prove his case. And lo-and-behold, he found a ‘perfect match'. The Lion of the Southern Stars was betrayed by his long-time lover and captured two weeks ago, at almost the exact same time as my first fainting spell. And the moment I saw this ‘Karl Urban's' picture on screen, I knew he was the ‘one'.

As one can imagine, I wasn't exactly thrilled by this new piece of information. Never once in my entire life did I ever think I needed a male champion. I can take care of myself just fine; I'm one of the most powerful Priests at the Temple, for crying out loud. As if it's not bad enough that my own single life is about to be turned upside down, my other half has to be a captive Junian warrior who probably wants to tear off my head with his bare hands. I am quite certain that things had just gone from bad to worse.

But protest as I may, my conscience won't let me leave Karl on Absolom for the brutish guards to torture. So here I am, on a ship to the prison colony, hoping I can buy the prisoner and bring him back to Hyrule with me. I don't really know what I'm going to do with him when we get back; but I'll think about that when my mind and my powers are once again completely under my own control.

Okay, the ship is about to dock. I need to go. I don't think I'll have time to record in my diary for quite some time. As always, I'll end the entry with one of my favorite quotes: the past is a ghost, the future a dream, all we have is now."


Dave's POV

Things were worse than I anticipated in the slave market. My group, consisting mainly of perverted old men who wanted a spirited boy toy, wasn't scheduled to arrive for another two hours. As a result, the guards didn't have enough time to clean and deodorize the place for our visit. When the door that connected the prison block to the public market opened, an overpowering stench permeated the crowded room. Already weakened by my ‘episodes' in the past two weeks, it was not long before I lost the battle to my gag reflexes, emptying the contents of my stomach onto the floor.

The guards looked at me with veiled disgust; but it's the muffled snigger at a shadowy end of the display stage that caught my attention. It seemed that by some twisted fate, the one I sought had witnessed my embarrassing display. That's just great – if the man didn't think I was a perverted loser before, he certainly would now.

I was so absorbed in trying to get a better look at my unwanted other half that I didn't realize bidding for the first batch of prisoners had begun. Soon enough, the time came that MY future slave was dragged into the center of the stage. God, he was handsome, with chiseled features, fiery amber eyes and a mane of lustrous chestnut hair. Unfortunately, I was not the only one who noticed how good-looking MY Karl was. I swore there was a moment of silence as the bidders stopped breathing to admire the way his muscles rippled as he struggled with the guards holding him.

An unexpected wave of jealousy rushed through me, the force of my emotions actually causing the lights to flicker. I had to forcibly calm myself down before I could place my bids. Since Karl was in a class of his own compared to the other prisoners, the bidding war for his ownership was extremely heated. We had gone through ten rounds of bidding and the price was still going higher.

How I wished I could have the satisfaction of showing those old perverts that Karl was mine! The thought of giving my competitors a little sample of my powers was becoming more tempting by the second, but luckily, I managed to resist. It would not do for the world to know that the High Priest of Hyrule Temple was at a slave market. In the end, I won the bid, fair and square. I spent my entire life's savings, but I had no doubt Karl would be worth it.


Karl's POV

Of all possible masters I could have, it had to be the pretty blond that seemed too refined to any part of a slave auction. If it were any of the other ones, I would have absolutely no compunction about breaking their necks and escaping as soon as the opportunity arose. But for some strange reason, I was reluctant to hurt this particular Metaricanan, though I hated the lot of them.

But then, matters would be out of my hands if my new master tried to take advantage of me. Ever since my capture two weeks ago, I seemed to have gained a powerful guardian angel. My mysterious protector never failed to stop my tormentors from taking away my honor, no matter how hopeless my situation had seemed. In fact, he or she was the reason why I was put on sale today.

After a particularly nasty incident that left two guards in critical condition, the warden wanted to ‘get rid of' me. Since he was under expressed directions that I must be kept alive to suffer, he decided to sell me to some pervert as a boy-toy. I would be out of his hands and he would have fulfilled his orders.

My musing was cut short when the icy sting of a cold jet assaulted my body. Apparently, I had been led to a bathing room where I was hosed and cleaned for my new master's pleasure. The guards were civil to me, probably because they valued their safety. Minimizing contacts with my body, they dried me and exchanged my irons with some elegant energy cuffs. I never ceased to baffle me why people wanted to make ‘nice-looking' restraints. It wasn't as if the classy energy cuffs made me felt less debased. A slave was a slave, no matter how he was dressed and pampered.

My grim predicament continued as I was led aboard a lavishly decorated cruise-ship. If my good fortune continued, this journey would be my ticket to freedom. Yet, I felt as if I was walking towards my own execution when I approached the bed inside my new master's luxury suite. Without words, the guards chained me facedown onto the bed and left me to my fate. Naked upon the smooth satiny surface, arms above my head and legs spread wide, there was naught I could do but wait in tensed silence for my new master's arrival. I could only hope things would turn out all right for both of us in the end.


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