Kingdom Cum

Posted: June 2003
Title: Kingdom Cum
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Genre: RPS
Author: Cazsuane
Characters: Sean B/Orlando and Dom/Craig
Rating: NC-17
Thanks to: Ilye, my chocolate crackle.
Notes: OK. Also, this fic is different. A story within a story.

Summary: Orlando discovers the world known as Kingdom Cum. With Sean's help.


[Title: Kingdom Cum]

"Uh, where's that exactly?" asked Dom.

Karl replied, "Blowed if I know!"

Craig looked at him thoughtfully. "Hmmmm…"

[Author: Cazsuane
[Rating: X (NC-17)]

"Woo hoo! Porn!" A Scottish cry.

"Not for Hobbit eyes, then."

Billy pouted and glared at Bean, the combination more amusing than anything else.

[Pairing: Sean B./Orlando]

Orlando smirked. "If only she knew…"

[Summary: Orlando discovers the world known as Kingdom Cum. With Sean's help.]

"Uh, just how are you going to do that, Sean?"

Dom rolled his eyes and smacked Billy across the back of his head.

"Hey! I was just asking!"

[Disclaimer: The grass is made of mint sticks and the moon is pure fat. The stars are bits of caramel and I am full of crap.]

"Do you think she's trying to tell us something?" Karl mused as he stared at the computer screen over the heads of the two Hobbits.

"Like what?"

Dom smacked him over the head again.

[Warnings: Pure PWP. Look elsewhere for something with meaning.]

"So, can we go already?"

"Shhh, Craig! I wanna read this," Sean said, in his most commanding voice, pushing Orlando's head out of the way so he could see the screen.

"Then can we go?"

"Sure. We'll go back to Nwalmae Uuainarim, and you can read Jade's story instead."

Craig shuddered.

["Well fuck me from here to Kingdom Come, will you look at that?"]

"Look at what?" Dom enquired.

Karl rolled his eyes. "We're getting there. Be quiet."

"Hey! She's changed the spelling. Gah! Some people have no concept of the meaning of consistency."

Karl smacked Billy over the head.

"It's meant to be like that, you dick. It's the play on words that makes the story."

Billy looked sheepish.

[Sean looked up and over at the dark-haired man.]

"Viggo?" Orlando pondered.


"Just can't stop thinking about me, can you, Billy?"

"Peter?" was Craig's suggestion.

"Ewwwww…" came the collective response.

[Orlando was reading some trashy magazine, sitting with his legs wide open on the couch, beer in hand.]

"Oh the class!" was Craig's contemptuous reaction.

Orlando pursed his lips. "Better not be that piss Americans call "beer"."

["Well, if you insist."]

Karl scratched his head. "Huh? I'm lost."

Billy slung an arm around Karl's shoulders. "Me too. Maybe we can be lost together." He winked.

[Sean crawled over to Orli,]

"I love it when you crawl, Sean."

Sean smirked back at Craig.

[settling on his knees between the younger man's legs. His hands slid up the shapely lengths,]

Orlando shook his head and rubbed at his eyes, peering at the monitor to make sure he'd read it properly. "Whoah! Hey, there's a thought… Maybe we could re-enact this… You know, to see if it works… For educational purposes."

Dom snickered. "Of course. Educational purposes." Snigger, snigger.

"There ain't no way I'm putting anything of mine near anything of yours, Elf. I know where you've been." Well, that counted Sean out.

Orlando rolled his eyes. "Fine. Any volunteers?"

"Count me in. Who's game?"

Dom stuck his hand up eagerly, waving it around. "Oooh, oooh! Pick me, pick me!"

Craig taped his lips, eyes raised as he pondered his choice. "I think I'll pick…Dom."

"Go me, go me!"

Orli pouted. "Hey! I thought I was doing this?"

"No. We need you for…other things. And besides, you know Craig just wants a chance to paw at Dom," Karl pointed out.

"Okay boys, get into position."

Karl frowned. "Hang on a sec, Sean. Who's who?"

"Good question. Don't let Dom be Sean – he'll fuck it up. Give him Orli. That way he has fewer instructions to follow. Much simpler for him."

There was silence.

"You don't know that! And hey! Was I just insulted? Billlllleeeeeeeeee…"

"I think so," came Craig's dry response.

Orlando smacked Billy across the head.

Sean started the instructions. "Dom go sit on the couch. Okay, Craig, slide your hands up Dom's legs. That's it."

"What now?"

"Give us a sec.," Billy said, as he turned back to the story.

[until they framed Orlando's crotch.]

"Oh yeah. Give me some of that sweet action, Craig!" Dom cried out in his happy voice.

[Sean watched as the bulge between his hands grew.]

"Uh, Dom…you're not following the instructions."

Dom frowned at Orlando. "Hey, just cause you can switch that thing on and off…"

[The magazine dropped from Orli's lifeless fingers, to slide off the couch to the floor.]

"D'oh! We forgot to get the props." Karl smacked Billy across the back of the head. Because it just had to be his fault!

[His beer teetered precariously. As Sean's hand moved to cup Orli's groin he reached up and plucked the bottle from Orlando's grasp, taking a swig before setting it on the table, out of harm's reach.

Orlando never noticed the thieving of his drink, something he'd usually go ga-ga over. He was too preoccupied with the overwhelming sensations that Sean's caressing hand was provoking, the tendrils of desire unfurling within his body.]

"I so do not! I have no problem with sharing."

Billy chuckled. "That's because you steal other people's drinks."

Orlando smacked him over the head, promptly stopping the laughter.

"Oh, look everybody. Dom's finally getting into the act!" Sean exclaimed.

Dom flushed a lovely shade of pink. "That's right, everyone have a gander. Maybe I should just whip it out right now and get your curiosity out of the way."

[His head fell back to rest against the couch, watching Sean from below heavy lids. Orli worried at his bottom lip, confused as to what the older man was playing at. He'd certainly never done, or implied, something like this before. Fuck, this had better not be a game.]

"Dom…uh, you're meant to look sensually uncertain…not constipated."

Dom glared at Karl from under heavy lids.

[But Sean really wasn't giving him a moment to protest, let alone think, as he took over Orli's senses. He leaned down and took the tag of Orlando's zipper between his teeth.]

Craig struggled in getting the tag up enough to even grasp it with his teeth. He finally succeeded by flicking it up with his tongue, but then found problems in dragging it down, the hard metal resisting his tugging, hurting his teeth.

"Fucking hell!" Sean threw his hands up in exasperation and pulled Craig off, grabbing the tag with his fingers and ripping it down.

"Hey! Be careful with that!"

"You two be quiet. No ad-libbing," Sean reprimanded.

[As he dragged it down carefully over Orlando's rising cock he heard the boy's sharp intake of breath,]

"Uh…Dom…cue the gasp. Dom?"

But Dom wasn't listening to Orlando. He was too busy watching Craig's fascinated face as the man stared at his cock.

[and smirked. Sean flicked open the button with a practised thumb, revealing dark, springy curls. He smiled wickedly at Orli's lack of underwear.]

"Oooooh," Karl teased, "Will ya look at that? The boy musta known in foresight!"

[The younger man felt himself melt at that smile, cock twitching. Sean's smile widened before he leaned down and dragged his tongue up the length of Orli's cock, leaving it shiny and wet.]

Craig groaned. "Do I have to?"

"What did you think was going to happen in this re-enactment?" Sean smiled at the other man in surprised wonderment.

Craig just glared.

Billy laughed.

Craig stood up and smacked him across the head.

[Sean took hold of the waistband of Orlando's jeans.

"Lift your hips."

The words broke Orli out of his ecstasy filled daze.

"Sean…uh, what are you doing?"]

Karl rolled his eyes. "Isn't it bloody obvious? Silly boy."

"Hey! I cannot be held responsible for my alter-ego!"

["Well, right at this moment I'm trying to take off your clothes - which, by the way, you're not being very helpful with." Orlando automatically lifted up his hips and Sean slid the barrier down his legs and off his bare feet. He patted his thigh, condescendingly. "And then I'm going to fuck you from here to Kingdom Cum – got a problem with that, boy?"]

"You mean I get a choice? What was this girl thinking? You never give me a choice, Sean. Uh…that is, in anything not sexually related. Not that you do in anything sexually related. No, no. That came out wrong…"


"Yes, Sean?"

"Shut up before you give people ideas."

"Sure thing."

[Orlando's eyes dilated and glazed over, and he shook his head, unable to find the coherency to speak.


And that seemed to be that.]

"What seems to be what?" Billy asked.

Everyone ignored him. His head was thankful.

[Sean deftly removed Orlando's shirt, making sure a few touches strayed to sensitive spots as he did so. His eyes roamed over the naked form sprawled on the couch, shivering under his gaze. He stared, transfixed, as Orli's cock got harder, twitching as blood filled it. The skin of the head stretched as it changed to a dark, shiny plum,]

"Anyone got a texta (felt tip pen)? What?! It's not my fault his cock is the wrong colour!"

Dom lifted his head long enough to shoot daggers at Karl. "Don't even fucking think about it."

[a tiny bead of pre-cum sliding from the tiny slit, begging to be licked and tasted.]

"Oh no it doesn't," was Craig's dry response.

[Swooping down suddenly, Sean licked a long line from the base of Orlando's dick, up the length of it,]


"Stop whingeing, Craig, and get to it!" Karl cackled.

[over the head and back down the other side. Orlando gasped sharply at the unexpectedness of it, hips jerking upwards till they came off the couch,]

Craig pulled back sharply. "Don't you dare be shoving that thing in my face again, kid."

"But Craig, I'm just following-"

"I don't care what you were just-"

"Craig, am I going to have to replace you as star? It's not too late, you know." Sean raised his eyebrow.

Craig got back to work.

[back arching. His hands fluttered, looking for a purchase in the air before landing back down heavily on the lounger. His breathing became faster, hitching every time Sean's tongue flicked over the sensitive spot under the head. The gasps turned to moans as Sean engulfed his cock as far as he could in one go, the hot moistness driving him crazy.

Sean gulped as the head hit the back of his throat, took a deep breath through his nose and then swallowed Orlando's cock down his throat.]

"Hehehe. Now we know the truth about Craig's expertise! Or lack-"

Craig mumbled around Dom's dick. "Dompf woo pwuckwng bear phwinsh bat fwentwance, Bwy."

Billy looked sufficiently chastised . Dom groaned, his hands clenching.

"Do that again."

"Ime mott gwowing poo peak wiv mwy mouffwl."

"Can we get back to the story now, boys? I wanna know what Sean does to me next."

[Sliding his hands up Orlando's slim, slightly rough thighs, he massaged the flesh, before moving up higher with one hand to gently cup Orli's balls, rolling them around in his palm. His mouth continued to work its magic.]

"Ooooh, hear that, Sean? You've got a magic mouth! Don't I feel special to be getting such treatment from an obvious Master of the Arts." Orlando rolled his eyes.

"Well, what can I say? I've been practicing… a lot."

Billy piped up, "I'll say! You're pretty much the slut of the group."

"Nu uh! We all know that title falls to Orlando, although…you're not that far off."

Billy glared at Karl.

"Well, if we're going to start pointing the finger I'd like to go on record as mentioning Viggo. Broody, particular Viggo. The guy's got his own harem!"

There seemed to be a general concordance with Sean until Orlando reminded them, "Well, we can't forget Craig's not exactly pure virgin white either. The guy's an arrogant prick, and goes for anything with legs. Constantly horny, no morals…"

"I'm right here, you know!"

Orlando smiled sweetly at him, the picture of innocence.

"Fuck, Craig! Don't stop! Whaddya stop for?" came Dom's frustrated whine.

"Oh, I'm sorry, your Highness. I'll try never to do it again, your Highness. Begging your pardon, your Highness, we were having a discussion. And I have not been told any further instructions. I cannot act on my own here. I must be programmed." Craig's sarcasm was lost on Dom, too caught up in his sexual euphoria to notice.

"Well then, Billy? What are you waiting for? Read on," he commanded. Billy saluted, unnoticed by Dom as Craig engulfed his cock once more.

[Orlando writhed under Sean's ministrations, his world fading around him to focus on the incredible sensations streaming through his body. Quiet moans left his mouth, his teeth worrying at his bottom lip. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. He was in heaven. No…no. It had to be hell. The heat! He was burning up!]

Dom was really getting into it! Sweat beaded on his face, his hair matting and curling. And then he was screaming and flinching as the pain got to be too much. His eyes flung open to see Karl and Sean pulling Billy away, a lighter flame dancing in front of Dom's face, an innocently outraged expression on Billy's.

Dom started to rise, anger temporarily overriding his dick, until his movement cause said to dick to be shoved further down Craig's throat. Craig choked, his eyes bulging, dragging air in through his nose hurriedly. He swallowed convulsively, causing Dom to once more forget about Billy, bite his lip and drop back to the couch.

"He's going to blow!"

But to everyone's amazement Craig soldiered on, overcoming his gag reflex, giving the others a thumbs up. Karl read on.

[The sweet pressure built up within Orlando's body, making him writhe on the couch, the material chafing against his sensitive skin. His hips started bucking, trying to fuck Sean's tightly wrapped mouth, wanting to increase the pace, wanting to cum. Sean's hands grasped his jutting hip bones, holding him frustratingly down.

"S-seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn, pleeeeeeaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee," was Orli's blatant cry for relief from the torture. Sean's response was to suck harder, faster, head bobbing furiously, as though he was trying to draw Orlando's brain out through his cock.]

Karl coughed, trying to smother a laugh that threatened to escape. Orlando's eyes sought him out, daring him to say a word. He kept on reading.

[Orli's moans were increasing in volume and frequency now. Sean slid a finger inside his mouth alongside the dick he was sucking. When it was wet enough he slid it down over the tightly drawn sacs, pressing it against the flesh behind, and further back to the clenching hole that worked as butt muscles were squeezed and relaxed. A loud groan was emitted from Orli's panting mouth.]

"Why do they always do that? Why is it that they get the finger all nice and wet only to slide it along in its path? When will they bloody well realise that only defeats the purpose? The fingertip dries out quickly. Let me demonstrate." Karl opened his mouth, determined to show everyone the truth of the matter.

"Uh….K-karl…can we, uh, just…oh fuck…just move it it r-right along?" Dom bit out.

"I think he's trying to say we get it, Karl, but right now we don't care. There's a reason it's called fiction. And let's not forget it's mostly written by chicks – what the fuck do they know about our needs anyway?" Sean explained with a grin.

Karl mumbled something about Dom having to bear the pain of an unlubricated finger so Billy sat on his lap to get closer to the computer screen.

[Sean massaged the tight ring before breeching it, his finger sliding in to the knuckle.]

"It bloody well would not!" was Karl's outcry.

[Orlando's body tensed, his muscles becoming rigid, his hands taking on a white knuckled grip, jaw clenched, mouth in a perfect O. Sean pulled away, his lips coming off Orli's dick with a slick pop, pulling his finger out at the same time.]

"Oh, he wouldn't!" Heads around the room shook in denial. "She wouldn't! Cazsuane, what the fuck were you thinking?"

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!" Everyone looked at Dom. He was gasping madly, his hands trying to hold a struggling Craig down on his dick.

"Oh, the cruelty of it! This is just wrong. I feel your pain, man." Karl patted Orlando's shoulder consolingly. Orlando stared at the computer screen, hoping this was all one big joke.

"Like I said. Women! What do they know about a man's needs?"

[Sean chuckled at the mewls coming out of Orli's mouth and rubbed lazy circles on his stomach.

"I promised you a visit to Kingdom Cum. I never said it was a one-stop journey.]

Cries of outraged "Bitch!" filled the room.

[And besides, I believe that fucking was part of the pre-requisite."]

"Puh-leese! Who uses such big words during sex?" Karl wondered aloud.

[Sean stood up, towering over a flushed and sweaty Orlando. Making sure he had his attention, he toed off his shoes as his fingers reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. Orli watched, transfixed, as his slid the garment off his broad shoulders, revealing a strong chest lightly dusted with fine, golden hairs.]

"Just pretend, Billy!" Orlando's words caused Billy's open mouth to shut close.

[Sean grinned wickedly and brushed his thumbs over his pert nipples, flicking them with his nails, before sliding his hands down his stomach to his pants. Winking at Orlando, watching him blush, Sean slid the button through the hole and slowly dragged the zipper down, the sound of teeth catching and opening, gratingly and obscenely loud.]

"Oh, great. Another bastard that can't play along."

The words broke the transfixed attention to Craig's striptease.

"Hey! No one told me beforehand what to wear. Not my fault."

"Yeah…well…next time think ahead," was all that Karl could come up with.

[Sean paused, thumbs tucked into his waistband. Orlando forgot to breathe as he waited. And then Sean pushed his pants down, taking his fitted boxers down with them, kicking them off before bending down to strip off his socks. He then plunked himself down on the sofa and grabbed Orli around the waist, flinging him over so that he now straddled Sean's legs.]

Craig grunted and strained but no amount of trying was going to lift Dom up.

"He's too heavy."

"Or you're too weak," came a muffled response from behind a hand.

"Dom, if you please…" Sean gestured with his hand.

Dom rolled over, lifting one leg so that he now sat astride Craig.

"Does she really think that little trick would have worked? It's pushing the boundaries, surely."

"One word, Craig. Fiction."

[Sean dipped his head and took one of Orlando's nipples between his teeth, rolling it gently as Orli gasped. Laving the nub with his tongue, Sean placed three fingers against Orli's lips, looking up with forehead crinkled to watch as Orlando's mouth stretched to accommodate them.]


Orlando punched Karl in the arm, not at all softly. Karl just grinned as he rubbed his sore arm.

[Cool air blew over Orli's wet nipple, making him shudder and suck all the more at Sean's fingers. Trailing his mouth wetly over to the neglected nipple, Sean bathed it with his tongue, while taking a firm grip of Orlando's cock with his free hand and setting a steady rhythm.]

"Hey, look at that! I'm multi-talented!"

"It's harder then it sounds, I'll tell you!" Craig said as he looked up from his ministrations, Dom's nipples shining wetly as the younger man thrust his hips up impatiently into the hand that Craig had stopped moving to speak. Craig chuckled, then his brow furrowed in concentration as he got back to work.

["Stop!" Sean's voice was hoarse and it broke slightly. He tugged his fingers out of Orli's mouth, who gave them a cheeky nip on the way, making Sean's other hand hitch on Orlando's cock before it was also removed and placed on his hip. "Sit up."]

"Oh, I do so love it when you start ordering people about it like that!"

[Orlando sat up, pressing close to Sean's warm body, rubbing it against it in desperate need of some friction to ease the ache. Sean reached behind and delved his fingers between Orli's smooth butt cheeks, letting a finger tease flutteringly across the puckered hole before pressing in. Finger fucking Orlando for a few moments, Sean then pressed another finger inside, rubbing Orli's flank soothingly as he tensed up briefly. His fingers scissored and twisted, brushing over Orli's prostate again and again before adding a third finger to the mix, filling the younger man up, stretching him open.]

"You know, I wonder if any of these authors have ever considered the health issues at stake here. Do they ever consider that they are getting men to put their bacteria covered fingers inside someone's body? Inside! And bacteria not just from the general touching of daily things, but also bacteria from mouths!"

"Billeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" was the collective cry.

[When Orlando started pressing himself down further on his fingers, Sean pulled them gently out and positioned his cock at Orli's entrance.[

"Lube. Lube. We need lube. Please, Lord, let there be lube!" Dom begged.

[Orlando, in his desperation for the orgasm that he never had, tried to push down and get Sean to breach his body. Sean chuckled, but hadn't finished teasing Orli to distraction. One arm firmly wrapped around the younger man's waist, supporting him, while the other played with his nipples until they ached. Then he reached down, letting his fingers trail lightly over the head of Orli's cock, nails scraping, making Orlando buck and groan in pleasure. His dick was leaking heavily and Sean rubbed his fingers over the head in tight circles, gathering up the thick liquid. He raised his hand up to Orli's mouth, letting him taste himself, get drunk off the heady flavour and smell.]

Dom was too worried about the lube issue to get drunk off the taste of himself, but he licked at Craig's fingers diligently. Yet the fear nagged at him enough to put him out of character, much to the annoyance of Craig who was doing his best.

"Please…lube…want lube…must…have…lube…"

[Once Sean's hand was clean he held Orlando's hips in both hands and began to push him down onto his cock. Orli's whimper made him stop. One hand searched frantically for lube amongst the cushions of the couch,]

"No way! No fucking way! I don't care how fictional this story is, it's just *way* too convenient if there just *happens* to be lube somewhere in the couch," Orlando complained, Karl and Sean's heads nodding in agreement.

[only to come up empty.

A whispered "Shit!" before Sean settled a moaning Orli on his thighs and bent forward, searching through his clothes on the floor.]

"Oh the luck if he finds some there!"

"And what if he doesn't, Orlando? What if there's no lube in his pockets? Will he just impatiently thrust you down on his dick?" Dom groaned and his eyes rolled back, eyelids fluttering. Craig started to pump his cock, trying to distract him. "Or maybe he'll just stop altogether." A louder groan was heard from the direction of the couch this time. "You'd better hope he's got lube in his pants," Karl said.

["Dammit!" Sean's search came up empty.

"Uh, Sean…?" came Orlando's tentative query.

"Not now, Orlando. I'm busy."

Orli mumbled something about not being busy enough.

"What was that?"

"Uh, nothing-"

"Good. Now shut up for a minute."]

"You're so mean to me."

["But Sean…." Orli whined.

"What is it, Elf? Can't you see I'm busy here?"

"Um…I, uh, just thought I should let you know I have some lube, over there." Orlando flicked his head, indicating the direction, which, strangely enough, happened to be towards the fridge.

"Well, why didn't you say so?"]

"And you wonder why there are times I want to hit you!"

[Sean wrapped his arms around Orli, who wrapped his legs around Sean, and then stood up.]

"Oh my knees," Craig wailed, "they can't take this."

"Up you get," Sean said with an evil smile.

[He walked over to the fridge, shifted Orli's weight and reached out and opened the fridge door. Sure enough, there was lube sitting in the top tray.

"This may not be the time to ask but I gotta know…You keep your lube in the fridge?!" asked Sean incredulously.

Orlando blushed as he looked away. "I like it cold."

"Obviously. But I don't know if my dick's going to survive this. There's going to be wilting," Sean warned.

Orli grinned and whispered into the older man's ear.]

"What did you say, Orli?" Billy asked

"How the fuck am I meant to know?"

"Well, guessing from Sean's reaction I'd say that whatever it was, it was HOT!" Karl informed them.

"Oooh, oooh! Tell, tell!"

[Sean slammed Orli up against the nearest wall, swooping in to voraciously attack his mouth. Tongues battled and the heat of desire flared up again. Orlando's hands roamed and clawed at Sean's back, making him arch into him, cock poking his stomach.

Tearing his mouth away he said, "Give me the lube." Sean handed it to him as his lips took possession of Orli's once more. Uncapping it blindly, Orlando poured some out into his palm, before reaching down and grasping Sean's cock, coating it liberally.]

Dom sighed in happy relief.

[Sean broke off the kiss and took the lube from Orli, pulling his hand away from his dick. Holding him against the wall, he slid him up, before lowering him onto his waiting cock. This time the whimper was one of intense pleasure and satisfaction, combined with Sean's hiss as he slipped fully inside.]

A collective groan was heard as Craig slid home.

Billy grinned. "Come on. boys. All together now. One, two, three…sighhhhhhhhh." His request was met with silence.

[Sean remained full seated within, unmoving, until Orlando started to fuck himself upon Sean's impaling dick. Sean's butt muscles flexed and clenched as he bent his legs slightly for leverage, before thrusting up into Orli's quivering body, pressing against his prostate as he sheathed himself within again. And again.]

"Uh, Craig…you seem to have missed," Karl pointed out to his friend.

"Shut. Up. Karl." Each word was punctuated with a thrust. "I'm. Doing. My. Fucking. Best."

No complaints were coming from Dom.

The other boys stared transfixed at the scene before them. The visual one, not the written. Craig had Dom pressed firmly against the wall, Dom's legs wrapped around his waist, ankles locked together. His hands grapples for sweaty purchase, and his head couldn't decide between rolling back to slide along the wall with each thrust or to flop down to sink his teeth into the muscle between Craig's neck and shoulder.

"The story…Sean. What…arghhhh! Happens…next? Oooooohhhhhh!" Craig grunted.

"Who the fuck cares?" cried Billy. "We've got our own live action porn right here! I say we turn this pair into an orgy! Who's with me?"

They all looked at each other, even Craig pausing briefly. Dom, however, continued to writhe and pant in Craig's arms, oblivious to the going-ons around him. The idea was tempting. More than tempting.

Maybe after.

[Orlando fisted both hands in Sean's hair painfully, and hungrily dragged his head closer until their mouths were devouring each other frantically. Teeth clashed as their lips barely covered each other's, messy in their kissing, both beyond care.]

Craig shuddered. "Can we…ahhhh…do it, fuck! With less, uuugggghhhh, slobber?"

[Need was building up within them. Their breaths came in short, desperate pants, when not broken by frantic cry of pleasure. So close. Teetering on a precipice, struggling to make it that last inch further. Struggling. Clawing. Biting. Animals in heat. No finesse. Just raw lust driving them, forcing them to find their own pleasure, selfish in their search.]

Sean waved his hand at his face, fanning himself. "Oh my!"

[And then Orli was there. Falling. Tumbling through the stars. Fireworks exploding throughout his body, making him tremble and clutch at every available part of Sean, looking for something to keep him grounded, scared by the ferocity of his orgasm. Sean was riding the orgasm with him, grunting his release into Orlando's ear.

"Welcome to Kingdom Cum, Orli. Enjoy your stay," he whispered.]

"Welcome to Kindom Cum! Welcome to Kingdom Cum? Couldn't she have come up with something better than that? Puh-leese!" Billy cried in exasperation. Not that anyone payed him any attention. Craig and Dom were working frantically towards their own completion now.

"Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Dom came with a scream.

"From here to Kingdom Cum," sighed Karl, Sean and Orlando.



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